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Next Pradosham on: Thu Aug 23 2018
As you may be aware, Pradosham is performed regularly in all Shiva temples when Trayodasi Thithi falls between 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM World Wide from the time immemorial.

Keeping many devotees' desires in mind, we have covered only those aspects which are found to be useful for performing simple poojas and other Nithya Karmas - in addition to interesting events that had taken place in different Shiva temples in many parts of the country. Our mission is to spread the Glory of Lord Shiva, promote PRADOSHAM and narrate His Holy Acts among the devotees.
Thillai Natarajar
The Ananda Thaandava
Adhisesha, the serpent who serves as a bed for the Lord in his manifestation as Vishnu, hears about the Änanda thaandava and yearns to see and enjoy it. The Lord blesses him, beckons him to assume the saintly form of ’Patanjali’ and sends him to the Thillai forest, informing him that he will display the dance in due course.Patanjali who meditated in the Himalayas during krita age joins another saint, Vyagrapathar / Pulikaalmuni (Vyagra / Puli meaning "Tiger" and patha / kaal meaning "feet" – referring to the story of how he sought and got the feet and eyesight of a tiger to help climb trees well before dawn to pick flowers for the Lord before the bees visit them). The story of sage Patanjali as well as his great student sage Upamanyu is narrated in both Vishnu Puranam as well as Siva Puranam. They move more...
Palli Kondeswarar
Many devotees had approached us to provide location map to go to this great temple dedicated to Lord Shiva - who is in reclined posture. When we searched from various sources for map - we could not get much information. We had decided to undertake a trip to actually find the location of this temple - situated near Andhra - Tamil Nadu border, near Chennai.

Our trip begun from Chennai in a car and navigated through the roads. We did not find it difficult to reach Red Hills and got the correct road. To our surprise, we wound the road leading to Churattapalli was of international standards. The neat three lane Chennai-Kolkatta highway made our holy trip smooth. We reached the Toll Gate in Karanodai and were advised to take a left turn to Periya Palayam. This road to Periya Palayam after the Toll Gate is a 2 way narrow lane, more....