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According to Dharmasaasthra, it has been clearly codified the percentage to be applied while mixing each ingredient to make Panchagavyam. It is measured as Phalam; 'One Phalam' is equivalent to approximately 3 (silver) one rupee coin weight. The power of panchakavya medicine should be accompanied by power of Mantra. In olden days temples will have separate dedicated place to make/mix panchakavya dravyam. We see inscriptions from sculptors that many Kings had gifted hordes of cows to various temples specially to make panchagavyam. These sculptors proudly refer the cows as "ever-living cows". Following mantras to be recited when mixing each ingredient with pure water or rosewater. The ancient Dravyam cures innumerable diseases, forms part of celestial bathing of GODS and remains gift of God to mankind.
How to prepare Panchagavyam Mantra to be recited during preparation
One phalam - cow urine 5 drops Gandhathdwaaraam dura dharshaam nityapushtaam kareeshineem.  Ishwareegm sarvabhoothaanaam thaamihopavvaye shriyam.

घन्धथ्द्वाराम् दुर धर्षां नित्यपुष्टां करीषिणीं.  ईश्वरॆग्म् सर्वभूथानां थामिहोपव्वये श्रियं.
Cow dung Half-thumb measured - Same as Above -
Milk Seven phalam Agne naya supaThaa raaye asmaan.vishvaani deva vayunaani vidvaan. yuyodhyasmajjuhuraaNameno bhooyishTaanthe namaukthim vidhema.

अग्ने नय सुपथा राये अस्मान्. विश्वानि देव वयुनानि विद्वा. युयोध्यस्मज्जुहुराणमेनो भॊयिश्टान्थे नमौक्थिं विधेम.
Yoghurt (Curd) Three phalam darithraa dadhikrAvaNNo akArisham. jishNo rashchvasya vAjina:
  surabhino mukhasta. praNa AyUshi tArishath. AadadhrikrA:shavasA   
  panchakrushtI:soorya iva jyotiShA pastatAna . sahasrasA: shatasA 
  vAjyarvA pruNakthu madhvAsamimA vachAgumsi. dadhnA snapayAmi.

दर्थ्रा दधिक्रावण्णो अकारिषं जिष्णो रश्च्वस्य वाजिन:
सुरभिनो मुखस्त प्राण आयुषि तारिशथ् आअदध्रिक्रा:शवसा
पञ्चक्रुश्ती: सूर्य इव ज्योतिष पस्ततान . सहस्रसा:शतसा
वाज्यर्वा प्रुणक्थु मध्वासमिमा वचागुम्सि दध्ना स्नापयामि
Pure Cow Ghee One phalam shukramasi, jyothirasi, devo vassavitotpunAtvachchidreNa 
  pavitreNa vaso: sooryasya rashmabhi:. Ajyena snapayAmi.

शुक्रमसि, ज्योथिरसि, देवो वस्सवितोत्पुनात्वच्चिद्रेण
पवित्रेण वसो: सूर्यस्य रश्मभि:. आज्येन स्नापयामि
Grace juice (Dharpai) One phalam Hold the two edges of Dharpai and scane it through the mixture or just 
  add 3 phalam of juice to the mixture.


Cow has been given an exalted position in Hinduism.  Our predecessors have intelligently given us the treasure of respecting this holy animal which was used by humans for thousands of years from time immemorial - both for agriculture and economic achievements. In the Rig Veda, there is one whole section devoted to the cow. It is called "Gosooktham". There are known family elders who would never take their daily food until they have recited this "Gosooktham" and performed "Go URW Palladio ITU".

"Grahapravesham" or house warming is not complete without the presence of the cow and the calf for the puja. It is considered very auspicious if perchance the cow gushes its dung in the precincts of the new house. The Gomuthram, Gomiyum and the Panchagavyam are considered most sacred in the rituals as also for treatment of certain ailments in the past centuries. It is being rediscovered in many regions of our country today. Not only during sacred occasions like the Gruhapravesam, but also during the obsequies rituals performed by the Hindus, cow is gifted away in "Go-Dhanam" to a sacred being. This is considered equal to giving as gift, the Gods of the entire 14 lokas, that the religion believes exist.

Though certain traditions have been found fast disappearing, one can still see the Hindus offering their "Pranams" to the rear side of the Cow, where Mahalakshmi dwells and offers "Pradakshina" i.e. circumnavigates the cow in reverence. For this is equal to the "pradakshina" of all the "mukkoti devas" of the "14 Lokas" that the Hindus believe. As the above Sloka confirms, the Gods of the 14 Lokas reside in the body of the cow. "Gavam Angeshu Thishtanthi Bhuvanaya Chaturdasaha" It is recorded in our "Puranas" like the "Matsya Kavyam" and "Mahabharata", that the Gods were immensely pleased with the birth of such a celestial animal that each one of them occupied a part of the cow. When it was the turn of Goddess Mahalakshmi, there was no place for her to occupy. She found place in the rear side of the Cow, which She gleefully occupied. Thus giving sanctity to the rear portion of the Cow.


Hindus believe that the very animal was rendered to this world as Kamadhenu, the celestial being. The holy animal that came out along with theAmrutham, the nectar, when the Devas and the Asuras churned the Meru Parvatham, using Serpent King Vasuki as the tool. Having come out to theBhooloka along with the Amrutham or Nectar during the churning, She occupies a significant place in Hinduism, thus rituals are added with a holy touch.


There are various Dravyams considered auspicious and vividly described as most suitable, however, there is no Dravyam equivalent to PANCHAGAVYAMwhich is held high and accorded a special status - this is called "King of Abhisheka Dravyam".  As the spark of fire destroys woods, Panchagavyam has the effect to burn away human sins.  Panchagavyam is derived from five different cows with five different substances.  For example, (1) cow urine from black cow, (2) cow dung from white cow, (3) copper colored cow milk, (4) blood colored curd, (5) 'kapila' colored cow ghee.  According to Dharmasaastra,  if all these cows are not available, then all the ingredients mentioned herein can be procured from 'kapila' colored cow. Panchagavyam is GOD's first preferred and primary Dravya abhishekam.    These five holy ingredients have one each Athi Devatha

Milk == Chandran
Curd == Vayu
Ghee == Sooryan
Cow urine == Varunan
Cow Dung == Agni. 

Therefore, it gains importance while Abhishekam is performed above the Lord's matted locks.

Suryan, Chandran Vaayu, Varunan, Agni - all these celestials bless through Panchagavyam, they bestow unlimited wealth, happiness and everlasting peace, hence, considered most coveted treasure of mankind.We have seen earlier - panchagavyam is given top-most importance amidst all other Abhisheka Dravyams in Shiva Pooja

During Shivarathri - out of four kaala puja, first kaala puja is done with Panchagavyam.  Special status accorded in both Shaivam and Vaishnavam.  Vishnu is Adhidevatha for Ghee. Generally pure milk abhishekam gives good health and off-springs; cow related curd abhishekam provides progeny; ghee derived from cow bestows Moksha; Cow-urine removes sin - all these substances put together "panchagavyam gives combined benefits of all ingredients mentioned above.

Consumption of Panchakavya abhisheka theertham certainly destroys at once all unknown diseases, knowingly committed sins, mitigate sufferings from poverty.  It also has high quality of medicinal values, its divine, these medicinal values have been enumerated through hymns by scholars and RishisAayurveda boasts of this rare  dravyam and accords a special status - it is called "kritham".  medcine made out this celestial substance is used for epileptic attack.  Multitude of color combination exist among cows, however, milk procured from them are of same color and quality.  Inspite of this, each cow's milk taste differ from others.During Upakarma - (when the holy thread is changed) by Samavedic Brahmins - Panchagavyam is consumed after taking bathe.

No doubt - "Panchagavyam is considered equivalent to nectar due to its energetic values.